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Our SRM Continuously Variable Transmission is now officially registered by the United States Patent and TRademark office and we are particularly proud of it. That's always a significant step in a development strategy and rewards the relevance of our committed investment.

Other patent issuances will be announced for the different countries we are aiming for.

For its first pass on a test bench dimensioned for higher power, the BRM has confirmed all its potential and its high reliability both from a point of view of the shifting system and its great NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness) features.

The efficiency of our CVT (Continuoulsy variable transmission) is also in line with the predictions, so this technology is able to match very quickly with the expectations detected in cleantech and, above all,  with a very short time to market.


Because since its creation Inawa campaigning for a logical collaborative innovation where the interests of each partner must be worked simultaneously and grow and not according to its initial or future contribution, it made sense to sign this charter committing major industrial groups and start up in new postures.

Promoted by the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and digital, Inawa is engaged to always respect an open innovation process to move towards the common good, the only guarantee of sustainability of any partnership.

By this we do not quêtre consistent with our vocation of next-generation enterprise.

The least we can say is that we have not been disappointed. The (very good) results of the BRM™ are in line with our our proprietoray calculator "CORK" developed for 3 years!
We can now go further with ramp up tests..

A new test campaign begins for SRM Technology with one of our market's partner, to a few hours of
aircraft Inawa ...

Objective: integration in a real environment end of 2016.


We are pleased to welcome Antoine, mechanical engineer, whose creativity and dynamism have already convinced our team.
The "BDM" on which Antoine is working will allow to further expand the market segments targeted.



You want to speak to Antoine or share your own experience, do not hesitate!


Through signing a strategic co-development contract with a foreign industrial well known on its markets, Inawa sought the support of the French Banque Publique d'Investissement (BPI) and Business France.
By their legal and financial agreement with the project we presented to them, Inawa will be able to multiply his chances of success with his partner for the next two years to come.


"When technological progress increases the efficiency with which a ressource is used (reducing the amount necessary for any one use), but the rate of consumption of that resource rises because of increasing demand." Jevons paradox (1865).

Inawa respects a lot this observation, but develops today a new  mechanical transmission fighting its consequences thanks to an innovative functionality...

Within a consortium of six players (four private companies and two egineering schools), Inawa wins official awards from two French competitiveness clusters dedicated to vehicles, as part of a development project an innovative transmission.
Thanks to the complementarity of actors, the targeted applications, the technical and financial quality of the application, these labels are a new milestone for our ambition.

More than just joining a professional association for the sector of mobility and automotive, Inawa intends to contribute to the group dynamics.
For example through innovative collaborative projects, the coming months should be an opportunity for our company to position its CVT technologies.


2015 starts very well for Inawa, welcoming a new shareholder.

This industrial company of 2 000 people and a dozen production plants (Europe, US, Mexico, Asia ...) has been recognized as tier 1 of automotive OEM for more than 30 years in its businesses of metallurgy and mechanics.

At medium term, synergies between Inawa and his new partner will be numerous and will help to reduce our time-to-market.

Until then, Inawa continues its innovative start-up course and aims to develop within 2 years, in collaboration with players from different markets, 3 or 4 new concepts based on its SRM™ technology (Single Roller Modular), and BRM™ (Ball Revolution Module).


With this new brand, it is all the concept of continously variable transmission (CVT) of Inawa and its subversions which takes shape (see news of 02/2014).
As is her big cousin SRM, BRM Technology ™ is simple, efficient and industrially modular to meet the most ongoing challenges related to the reduction of energy consumption.
Also, what is more obvious than 3 single letters in which, and for a few months yet, only Insiders recognize the symbolism of our technology!

For all other passionate and curious, we will gladly give you the meaning of our brand. To do this click here

BRM Technology™


Passionate about research and innovation, Heathcliff DEMAIE joined the INAWA adventure. After fifteen years in RD of big group in the automotive sector and smaller companies, Heathcliff brings with him strong skills in modeling, mechatronics, mechanical design and tribology.

His taste for project management and the animation of team reinforce already for some time capabilities INAWA to amaze you.

After the Indian experience with Amith, and close before a new European high-level resource arrival, we are pleased to welcome Phuc Thien Nguyen from Vietnam. While still a student, Thien with his strong capabilities in mechatronics,creativity and thanks to his enthusiasm too, give real added value for the project that we trust him. Welcome to Vietnam in France!

INAWA is proud to officially count in its midst, as project manager, one of the most brilliant mechanical engineers in its category. Indeed, Daniel RISZCZUK, 38 from Germany, won last September 2013 the "Babcock Award". His project included a theoretical part and a prototype. Both was evaluated by IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) of the 2013 SET Awards (Science, Engineering & Technology Student of the Year) organized by the very well known and reputable organization which includes more than 100,000 members worldwide mechanical engineers.

Daniel, who had been invited to compete by his teachers of the University, presented a continuously variable speed transmission device (CVT)… where natural connection with Inawa of course!


Daniel has since decided to join our adventure for strengthening our ability to research and development. Our current partners, particularly those outside of France, already benefit of one contribution.

Daniel with his trophy (on the left of the picture).
"SET" award of the IMechE are sponsored by international leaders such as Airbus, AWE, Babcock International, BP, Rio Tinto, Shell to name a few, as well as leading experts and technical laboratories worldwide.


Engineer and PhD in mechanical, Ovidiu was a pioneer in the field of new generation of CVT devices (Continuously Variable Transmission) in the mid 80s.

He has published around fifty international scientific papers and holds twenty property rights on principles of CVT and other mechanical systems.

Now “Cost Estimating and Modeling Unit Manager”  within Washington State Department of Transportation (USA), author about risk management for design, Cretu brilliantly enhances the ability of innovation at Inawa.

As part of its strategy to develop applications to go to market, INAWA has concluded a co-development partnership with a North American company, long recognized in several growth markets interested in our SRM technology™. More information to come in the next months ...

In line with its market positioning strategy, INAWA claims today to have a new technology of CVT, on a complementary principle to the SRM technology™.
Named "BRM", this solution of continuous variable speed brings the opportunity to cover a large field of heavy applications in terms of power and torque transmitted.

We are pleased to announce the signing of a new cooperation agreement with an international industrial group whose expertise is directly connected to a part of our technology.
Therefore, this future collaboration strengthens our study means to achieve our ambitious goals.

Since our inception, we have established as fundamental that living our territory as a real opportunity , because Burgundy is a land rich in potential.

Thus, by:

  • locating our green start up in a small and peaceful village along the Saône, we found basic and favourable place for innovation and discernment.
  • Participating as much as possible the event of regional economy , we show our commitment to developp projects that drive our territory, and our desire to be an actor!
So, logically INAWA recently agreed to participate in two round tables dedicated to innovation and IP as key factor succes for enterprise.

Dr. Romeo Glovnea, Robert Finck, Gilles Lachaise and Jean-Pierre Robert have agreed to share their valuable experience with the management team of Inawa, for its strategic develoment.
Everyone supports the Inawa's bet to become a key player in the mechanics innovation dedicated to the sustainable mobility currently thanks to our CVT project and afterwards through future innovations already in reserve.

By the deep human confidence in its regular discussions with the board, Inawa strengthens its ability to move forward and win future challenges.

The members of the board, from the left:
JP Robert, R. Finck, G. Lachaise, R. Glovnea







More details about the board...


Inawa is at a new turn in the development of its speed variator in the family of mechanical CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

After conducting various studies with French and foreign laboratories or companies, then developed several prototypes, Inawa boosts its R&D resources thanks to this contract.

The manufacturing cost, the energy efficiency, the mass/volume ratio and response time during speed variation of the SRM© concept has convinced an international company, itself at the origin of important applications noticed in recent years in the world of industry ...

This is another step in the growth Inawa which aims to decline SRM Technology™ on 2 or 3 other strategic markets in the next 5 years.


Through the creation of this brand, it is all the concept of continously variable transmission (CVT) of Inawa and its variations which takes shape.
Our SRM Technology ™ is simple, efficient and industrially modular to meet the most ongoing challenges related to the reduction of energy consumption.
Also, what is more obvious than 3 single letters in which, and for a few months yet, only Insiders recognize the symbolism of our technology!

For all other passionate and curious, we will gladly give you the meaning of our brand. To do this, click here.


Last June: INAWA had been selected with 9 others French Cleantech for the 2012 competition of Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) in the U.S. ... among 200 worlwide companies.

Today, after the second stage of selection, we learn that we are in the top 30 semi-finalist (and the last two French)!!!

Hope that our Continuously Variable Transmission innovation (CVT) stands out until the end of this challenge and, in any case, we are already proud of these first steps!

Read the official press release


We have been selected with nine other French Cleantech innovators for the awards of the "Global Vocie of Cleantech" which is the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), to be held in November 2012 in Savannah (USA).

Fore more information about the reasons of our selection, contact us.

More information about the GCCA.

Inawa was selected with 22 other French innovative start-up to prent, durint the Startwest event in Nantes.
This event is dedicated to interaction of capital and innovation ...

Based on a strong humanist vision (see the vocation of the company), Inawa decided to sign the diversity charter.

This charter is intended to demonstrate our commitment in favor of cultural, ethnic, social, religious diversity ... within our company.

Beyond this commitment, we simply believe that innovation performance is primarily due to the diversity of skills inside the company!

Learn more about the diversity charter

The "cleantech" concept, borned in the United States, is undoubtedly one of the most important industry for the future and includes 11 fields of activity. France has a key role to play inside them...

This is why the Frenchcleantech™ company consolidates and promotes most relevant innovations of tomorrow ...

As such, it is an honor and a joy for Inawa to be invited on this platform!

More information about Frenchcleantech ™


Our company has been selected with 150 other innovative start-ups with high potential to attend the next Grenoble Innovation Fair (GIF) on 20 and 21 October this. the GIF connects suppliers of new technologies, as Inawa, with industrials searching innovations ...


By inviting partners, shareholders, friends and family, the team wanted to better share his enthusiasm, his projects and the mindset behind it!

Innovation, challenges and confidence were the key words of the discussions with our visitors.

Thank you to all for your kind attention!

This change of legal status (Inc to SAS) does not change the objectives of the company and its management team, but simply allows a better environment for new public and private partners Partners ...

The Higher Education and Research ministry through its Delegation for Research and Technology has decided to award status of Young Innovative Company at our company.

Beyond the tax benefits bring ​​to Inawa, it is also a recognition of R&D ambition!


"Burgundy Angels" which is a business angels association - member of France Angels - decided to financially support the development of our company.
Burgundy Angels strengthen our ability to achieve the ambitious medium-term we have planned. In addition, Inawa can benefit from the experience of BA Members... Thank you to them!


BCI, a public regional fund decides to join the company through a capital contribution ... A new expression of confidence for the management of Inawa.


The "Banque Publique d'Investissement of France (ex OSEO) has just decided to financially support the technological development of society ... this support translates the technical quality and potential of our products in develoment processt!

more about BPI


In December 20th, Inawa became award winner of Entrepreneurship Network "Réseau Entreprendre" the first network to support business creation in France.

In addition to the flattering statistics of this network of Entrepreneurs established in 1986, it is also and above all the values ​​on which we honor Inawa:

  • The most important thing is the person
  • The principle is gratuitousness
  • The mind,is reciprocity

Constitute the triptych of Entrepreneurship Network.

To be noted: Inawa is the first company ranked as  "Innotech"to be accompanied in Burgundy!

More about Réseau Entreprendre