Sustainable mobility

Inawa develops major innovations, patented, for sustainable mobility.

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Our SRM Technology™ for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) device: a mechanical innovation to improve performance and energy consumption!


Why: To facilitate the use of all types of vehicles, from
lighter up to more conventional thanks to system power variation and suitable speed ...and thus contribute to the development of responsible and enjoyable driveability.

replace or complete, according to the case, the principle of current car main transmission but also additional function for energy savings like KERS, ORC, turbomachine, etc.

How: by a mechanical and innovative principle from Inawa combining an original architecure with a proven technology (Inawa's property).



The main advantages

  • A wide range of speeds with infinity speed ratio in some cases
  • High level of efficiency
  • Compacct and lightweight
  • Several shifting devices depending on the application
  • Modular and flexible concept

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